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March 30, 2013

2013 Quart Offerings

This season, our selection of quarts is huge!

Quarts are a super versatile way to buy and sell perennials. If your costumer is looking for new and exciting plants but wants to keep investment low, quarts are the answer. We offer a full range of quality plants at a reasonable price.
With such a large, diverse selection of perennial quarts there will be something for everybody! From the new cultivars, to exciting natives and tried and true favorites, we have what you need.

Our quart line is only available in spring, so be sure to check our weekly availabilities for them. They are grown outside so they are hardened off and ready to sit out on your benches or to be planted in the garden as soon as your customers receive them. Further, our quarts seem to break dormancy earlier than some of our gallons and the foliage will fill out the pot earlier.

Our full quart list really runs the gamut of plants, and there are many which are available in gallon sizes as well. But, there are several varieties of plants which are only grown as quarts, and we recommend you make them available to your customers before we run out!

Primula SuperNova Series

The following are only available in a quart pot:

  • Alcea is a lovely addition to any cottage garden with their long bloom time.
  • Arabis is a great spring bloomer that is evergreen and perfect for rock gardens.
  • Campanula ‘Superba’ is a very heavy bloomer with deep lavender-blue flowers that appear in summer.
  • Lewisia is a super cute spring flowering plant and it is a must have in rock gardens.
  • Lupines are plants everyone notices in the garden with their pea-like flowers. They like a well-drained soil and flower in the early spring.
  • Papaver ‘Champagne Bubbles’ series is a very reliable perennial that will flower for weeks (as long as you remove faded flowers). Their flowers look like tissue paper and come in an array of colors.
  • Primula ‘SuperNova’ come in an array of bright colors.
  • Salvia ‘Ultra Violet’ is a hummingbird favorite; with intense violet flowers that last well into autumn.
  • Salvia ‘New Dimension’ series is very nice compact salvia that is very heat and drought tolerant.
  • Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’ is a tender perennial, but a showy groundcover with nonstop flowers.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us. And, recommendations for new plant varieties are always welcome.

March 16, 2013


Now is the time to start thinking about Hellebores. This year, we have your favorite varieties and some very new ones, which are sure to excite you.

New for 2013, we have the varieties ‘Jacob’ and ‘Josef Lemper’ from the Gold Collection (HGC), both of which are Christmas Rose or Helleborus niger. These outstanding new cultivars feature large, showy white flowers which stand above the foliage and face out, as opposed to facing down, and start blooming as early as Thanksgiving in milder winters and may start as late as March in very cold weather. The flowers last for several weeks and can number up to 15-20 per plant. They are evergreen, like part shade and are hardy to Zone 5. Plant these in your garden and enjoy the lovely masses of flowers throughout the winter and early spring!

We also offer a nice variety of our tried and true varieties (Helleborus x hybridus). This group of hellebores flower in the early spring, around the period of Lent, and are known as Lenten Rose. They are very easy to grow, and no garden is complete without them. Hellebores are evergreen and like moist shade. Deer resistant, they are a must have for deer prone areas. The saucer-shaped and sometimes speckled flowers come in an array of individual colors from white to pink to blue; and we also carry ‘Ballard Strain’ which is a mixed variety. Check out the links below to learn more about the varieties we grow:

Hellebores have long been a favorite of many gardeners. Their early flowering and deer resistance cannot be beat. Try some before they are gone!

[Further note: check out the March 23, 2013 Availability Video for some great examples of hellebores.]

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us. And, recommendations for new plant varieties are always welcome.

September 08, 2012

Welcome to the Art Form Nurseries website!

Welcome to the Art Form Nurseries website! Thanks for stopping by.

We are pleased to provide customers, subscribers and other interested parties with a very informative plant selection experience.

The catalog section of the website allows viewers to peruse the complete Art Form Nurseries perennial and herb catalog. Plants are conveniently searchable in alphabetical order, or by a variety of view by features including characteristics, color, height, spread, season, sunlight exposure, zone and more.

Approved wholesale subscribers have access to complete catalog pricing as well. Wholesale subscribers also can access our Weekly Availability lists. Be sure to sign up for wholesale subscriber access to the website if you qualify as a wholesale business.

The news, video and gallery sections allow us to continually update the website with the latest and greatest plant information, seasonal specials, “Hot Picks” and more. The contact form allows customers to ask detailed questions and get feedback from our expert staff.

Thanks again and we look forward to serving you.

April 22, 2011

Interview with Michael Artino

Cowan Communication Arts recently interviewed Founder and President, Michael Artino, for the production of an overview video program for Art Form Nurseries. The following is an extended Q & A transcript from the video interview.

Q: Please describe your business.
A: We are a wholesale grower of perennials and herbs. The herbs are grown in 3 inch pots and sold in the spring and throughout the season we sell perennials in primarily one gallon pots. Our grasses are in 3 gallon pots and larger plants are in larger containers. But 90 percent of perennials are in 1′s.

Q: Please describe your growing operations.
A: The overall facility is 30 acres and heated greenhouse space is 1.65 acres.
We’re a medium sized grower. The nursery is divided into two parts and one part is just production, which is growing and finishing plants. And the other half is used as a sales yard so all our plants are brought to the sales yard, all our orders are pulled from the sales yard, which allows us to just be working with finished material when we have to pull orders in a short amount of time we don’t have to drive all over the nursery, and things are graded before they are brought to the sales yard, so it’s easier and quicker for the order pullers to take whatever they need.

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