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July 20, 2013

Drought Tolerant Perennials

Want to save time and money with less watering? Drought tolerant plants are the way to go. Less watering does not mean less beauty, and many drought tolerant plants can handle poor-to-average soil and require little care.

These plants, like all plants, require more water until they are well established. When planting, group drought tolerant plants together, don’t mix them with other plants that may require more watering.

Here are some great examples of drought tolerant plants:

Arabis Spring CharmArmeria Victor ReiterDianthus Everlast White

  • Arabis, Armeria and Dianthus are all great spring bloomers that are compact, have evergreen foliage and do great in rock gardens or at the front of the border.
Coreopsis MoonbeamCoreopsis Zagreb
  • Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’ and ‘Zagreb’ are great summer flowering plants, with long bloom times and they do well in naturalized settings and are very drought tolerant once established.
Asclepias tuberosa
  • Asclepias tuberosa is an awesome native plant that loves a sunny dry place and can handle infertile soils. They are butterfly magnets and add a lot of color with their bright orange flowers.
Eryngium Big Blue
Salvia May NightSalvia New Dimension Rose
  • Salvias are a must for every garden; they have aromatic foliage, big bright flowers and combine great with other drought tolerant plants like Coreopsis and Sedum.
Lavender Hidcote Blue
  • Lavender is another excellent choice for a drought tolerant plant. It is a favorite of many people for its aromatic foliage and lovely blue flowers.

Gaillardia Arizona SunHelictotrichon sempervirensFestuca Elijah Blue

For late season color, there are a lot of drought tolerant choices. Perovskia is an upright plant with lovely aromatic, purple-blue flowers and is deer resistant. Gaillardia comes in an array of colors and they bloom and bloom and bloom! Try putting ‘Arizona Sun’ in a container with plumbago and Imperata — wow does it make an excellent fall planter! There are also grasses that are drought tolerant like Helictotrichon, Panicum and Fescue. Both Fescue and Helictotrichon have lovely blue foliage that adds a lot of interest to the landscape.

For areas in the yard that are not irrigated, or to be a little more environmentally conscious and cut down on water bills, there are a lot of great perennials that are drought tolerant and add great variety to the landscape.