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May 18, 2013

New Varieties

With botanists, breeders, and labs constantly introducing so many new varieties of perennials, it is hard to know which ones to choose. We work hard to pick out the best out there, with proven hardiness, true bloom color and time, disease resistance and overall landscape appeal.

Here is a selection of some of the exciting new varieties on offer in 2013.

The Coreopsis Big Bang series come in a variety of colors and heights, but all of them possess excellent hardiness, long bloom time and reliability in the garden.

The Dianthus Everlast series is one of the longest blooming varieties of Dianthus. Flowers start in early spring and remain until the heat of the summer, but return when the nighttime temperatures begin to fall. They are super hardy, one of the toughest Dianthus out there. The following varieties are available this spring in quarts – get them before inventories run out!

Salvia nemorosa Lyrical series is a group of strong, robust plants with great branching and tons of flowers that rebloom. These plants perform very well in the heat, and are drought tolerant once established. We offer three colors of the series.

Salvia nemorosa New Dimension series is a very compact variety, only 10” tall, that is available this spring in quarts. This Dutch strain is long blooming, drought tolerant once established, deer resistant, heat tolerant, and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Deadhead to extend bloom time and once bloom is finished cut back to encourage new foliage growth and repeat bloom in fall. The flowers are very bright and showy in the landscape!

Sedum ‘Pure Joy’ (coming soon!) is a Proven Winner selection that has the most spectacular flower display in the fall – you will not want to miss it! In spring, the plant emerges with small, blue-green serrated leaves and as it matures the clump gets more upright and the leaves turn a light green. By late summer, the show begins as the whole plant is covered in a massive dome of bubblegum pink flowers that look like cotton candy!

Viola ‘Blue Moon’ has great heat tolerance and a long extended bloom time. It remains compact and the foliage stays nice throughout the summer. Blooming now, the flowers will continue sporadically until fall.

This is just a small sampling of the new items we are carrying this season. Please check out our catalog, current availability or feel free to call for more information and additional exciting selections.

We continue to trial and add new items throughout the season and always appreciate your input.