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August 31, 2013

Planting for Sustainability

Recently there has a lot of buzz about sustainability; which is great news for the green industry as we have been utilizing sustainable practices for quite some time. Planting into the landscape can help control soil erosion and provide other benefits for the landscape. Planting the right plant in the right spot and for the right reasons is one way that we can effectively practice sustainability.

Helleborus 'Ballard Strain'Heuchera 'Caramel'Tiarella 'Candy Striper'

By understanding the site to be planted and the desired effects of the installment we can reduce loss and minimize long term maintenance. Ohio is a diverse state, with numerous micro climates ranging from prairie grasslands, to rich woodlands and wetlands. Our native plants have adapted in ways that allow them to thrive in their natural habitats. Tiarellas are an outstanding plant for a moist, well drained woodland garden. Heucheras are great for well drained shade, but can rot if the soil is too moist. While not native, Helleborus is a wonderful plant for the shade, which is deer resistant, evergreen, and features delightful early blooms that say “spring is coming!”

Echinacea 'Hot Papaya'Echinacea 'Pow Wow White'Echinacea 'Pow Wow Wildberry'

Echinacea purpurea, or purple coneflower, is a familiar plant that is native to prairies. It can take strong sun and is drought tolerant once established. Plant breeders have worked extensively with Echinaceas to produce showy, hardy and disease resistant varieties. Hardy cultivars bred for reduced plant loss are economically sustainable for the landscape owner and benefit the environment by requiring less spraying. We offer a wide variety of these cultivars, but an especially showy one, “Hot Papaya” features multi colored flowers: opening as a single orange and maturing to a fragrant double red.

Caltha palustris

Caltha palustris is another example of the many wonderful and site specific natives available at Art Form. Caltha will thrive in a continuously moist shady site. It has glossy green foliage throughout the season and bright yellow flowers in early spring.

There is a plant for every site, and sustainability can be achieved by planting for the site, not by changing the site for the plant. This is not only ecologically sustainable but economically sustainable and sound by lowering costs and long term maintenance. We offer a wide variety of perennials at Art Form, and we are available to assist you with plant selection and any questions you may have.