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Art Form Nurseries

Art Form Nurseries – Over thirty-five years of growth!

Art Form Nurseries has been in the horticultural industry since 1975, when the company began its operations on a 2 acre property in Russell, Ohio. Since that time, Art Form has grown to become a 30 acre facility that features 5 acres of outdoor growing area and 1.6 acres of heated greenhouses. The greenhouses range from Quonsets to gutter connects to Erie open-roof greenhouse. Founder and president Michael Artino has a BS in Agriculture from Ohio State University, and has been a practicing Horticulturist for over thirty years.

Art Form began operations as a landscape business. When Michael was unable to locate gallon-sized perennials, Art Form began to grow their own. A small amount of production soon turned into a significant amount, and, in 1987, Art Form Nurseries ceased their landscaping work altogether. At this time Michael realized he wanted to be a grower more than a landscape contractor.