Art Form Nurseries

Wholesale Growers of Perennials & Ornamental Grasses

Our Mission:

To provide superior quality perennials and ornamental grasses along with outstanding, efficient service to our customers; and to provide a productive rewarding work atmosphere that culminates in an organized, skilled staff.


Art Form Nurseries is a wholesale grower of a wide variety of plants to fit the needs of our garden center, landscaping, and commercial customers. 

We provide a wide variety of perennials, ferns, and grasses in one gallon pots or larger to fit any garden situation.

When asked about the key to Art Form's success, Michael replies, "We just give them the best service we can and grow a high quality plant."

Our Service

During peak season, Art Form Nurseries has dedicated employees working to grow and maintain the highest quality perennials and ornamental grasses available in Northeast Ohio.

Check out our acres of outdoor perennial sections. It’s a wonderful way to preview plants and see perennials at peak bloom and see them change over the season. We welcome your visit.


Art Form Nurseries delivers throughout Northeast Ohio and down to Columbus. We have scheduled deliveries every week throughout the growing season.  We go to the same areas on the same day of each week. This allows you to know exactly what day you will be receiving your plants each week making it much easier to plan your orders.

If you are not in one of our regular delivery areas, we do make special deliveries outside these areas if you are able to meet the delivery requirements. Deliveries are subject to meeting minimum requirements and delivery charges. Also orders must be received in a timely manner. 

Our plants are delivered in box trucks. All of the plant material is racked on wheeled shipping racks. We require that help be provided to our drivers in unloading the plant material.


Art Form Nurseries has been in the horticultural industry since 1975, when the company began its operations on a 2 acre property in Russell, Ohio. Since that time, Art Form has grown to become a 30 acre facility that features 5 acres of outdoor growing area and 1.6 acres of heated greenhouses. The greenhouses range from Quonsets to gutter connects to Erie open-roof greenhouse. Founder and president Michael Artino has a BS in Agriculture from Ohio State University, and has been a practicing Horticulturist for over forty years.

Art Form began operations as a landscape business. When Michael was unable to locate gallon-sized perennials, Art Form began to grow their own. A small amount of production soon turned into a significant amount, and, in 1987, Art Form Nurseries ceased their landscaping work altogether. At this time Michael realized he wanted to be a grower more than a landscape contractor.